• Operate from anywhere

    Sell any time of the day. No opening or closing time. Sell more right from the comfort of your home!

  • Spend less, Sell more

    Expand your business for a fraction of the cost of the physical market.

  • Lower setup

    A phone or a computer with internet that's all! No setup cost needed at all.

  • Easy product uploads

    Easy to upload new products anytime. Unlimited uploads and stock mangement.

  • Advanced Data Analytics

    Data and analysis tools on your dashboard to understand consumer behaviour and ensure better decision making.

  • Digital Marketing

    Reach more customers, meet more buyers online and promote your brand every day.

Key features of our store

1) ANSH Store is a platform created for all small business owners or home sellers to
increase their sales in the online market.

2) We have created a smooth and easy interface to use so that any seller can access it

3) Get your own digital store when you register as a seller on ANSH STORE.

4) You can upload unlimited products.

5) You can post pictures, size variations, color variations of your products right from
your home.

6) Easy payment methods make buying a hassle-free experience for your customers.

7) Earn up to 2.5 months of free period to sell on our store with our seller referral scheme. (Refer to our instruction manual for more details.)

1) You can promote your website as much as you want, as many times as you like. All
you need to do is copy the website link and send it to your contacts.

2) No additional cost for digital marketing!

3) Free branding with our store!

4) Reach more customers.

5) Data Analytics to identify consumer behaviour and support decision making.

6) Understand your customers better!

7) Customers can directly get in touch with you.

1) We have made shipping easy for you. All you need to do is to keep your product ready once the order is received.

2) Delivery and packaging will be taken care of by ANSH Store.

3) Customers can easily track the shipment through the tracking code given in my account on your dashboard.

4) You can easily mark a product in or out of stock for your buyers.

5) No additional cost of packing and pickup!

Seller FAQ's

Please note that the membership charges include 24/7 access to the store, logistics solution, digital marketing, platform maintenance and security charges, data analytics services, free webinars with industry experts and convenience charges, etc.

Please follow the instructions given on Become a seller tab. You can also download the instruction manual PDF from the same page for detailed instructions.

In order to be compliant with local legal and tax regulations you need to submit your personal Aadhar card, PAN card, company registration documents (if any), GSTIN (if applicable).  We will not allow any seller on our website without submitting the necessary documents.

Usually the account activation and verification takes upto 1-2 business days if you submit all the necessary documents. Sometimes it may also take a little longer.

We believe in providing the finest user experience to our customers. We do not want the users to fall for fake products and scams. To provide secure shopping environment to our customers we have the seller/vendor verification process in place.

We have a central payment system. Every payment made by a customer will be received by us and then will be paid out to our sellers/vendors as per payment schedule policy. For additional details on payout schedule please refer to Instruction Manual for sellers.

Product packing bags (50 nos) will be provided by us every month after registration. Products packed by you will be picked up from your godown or house by our courier partners for delivery so, you will need to follow our packing guide carefully. We highly recommend to pack products as per shipping standards for a safe delivery of products. Also add additional packaging to possibly ‘Fragile’ products. For packaging guide please refer to Instruction Manual for sellers.

Sellers need to provide us with their store or local address from which the product will be picked directly and will be delivered to customers. See our shipping instructions manual for more details.

Payment gateway fees are not included in your membership fees. As this service is provided by a third party, sellers need to pay additional 2% per order. This fee is not charged by ANSH Store but rather by our payment gateway partners for availing their services.

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